MartCoin CryptoCoin Full Review By WolfOfPoloniex

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Hey guys Wolf here and today I’ll be going over MartCoin.

I recently jumped into the MartCoin ICO and I was happy to find that many of my wolf pack members also decided to jump into the pre-sale. Although the official initial coin offering isn’t for a few days, you can find that the pre-sale is available to those of you who have a ton of friends or a big audience to share the coin with.

I decided to make sure that I got in early so I got cheapest bang for my buck as I didn’t want to be out of pocket too much when it comes to this rather risky but also rewarding ICO.

I’m not a fan of ICOs but this one comes with a gambling idea that I think can be highly successful and viable in the crypto market. You’ve all seen the crypto kitties blow up right? Well the reason the platform is doing so well is because of the people gambling and being addicted to the chance of winning a cool ass cat.

Well wolf squad I want you guys to get into the next CryptoKitties investment before anyone else does. martcoin reviewIf you asked my good friend Teeka Tiwari from the Palm Beach Group about this idea, he’d probably tell you its a no brainer and that you should be investing asap.

Teeka has years of experience in traditional markets and now hes bringing over all of his crazy ideas to crypto currencies.

MartCoin will be in the next palm beach confidential that is released by Mr Tiwari and you can be excited about that as these reports tend to release large amounts of capital into a certain coin that is picked by Teeka himself. He does months of research into the crypto and makes sure its good to go, he uses his BITS system to decide this and we think Martcoin suits this perfectly.

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