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Ideas for Using Your Sandwich Maker

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In this article I will list different things that you can make in your sandwich maker. If you don’t have a sandwich maker, I recommend you go buy one. They are great for adults and kids. My kids use our sandwich maker all of the time. You can make so much more than just sandwiches in it. Sandwich makers range from $10 to $25. So here are some of the things that we use our sandwich maker for.

Hot Ham and Cheese Sandwich

Sandwich MakerWe use the sandwich maker to cook hot ham and cheese sandwiches. We just make a ham and cheese sandwich and place it in the sandwich maker for two to three minutes. My husband likes mayonnaise on his but I don’t. So, you can add mayonnaise if you want. This is very easy to make if you have a panini maker.

Jelly Sandwich

Jelly sandwiches in the sandwich maker are great. It’s like having jelly on toast. Just simply make you a jelly sandwich and place it in the maker for two to three minutes.

Pizza Pockets

We also make pizza pockets in our sandwich maker. We take a slice of bread and spread pizza sauce on it. Then we lay cheese and pepperonis on the bread. Then we lay a piece of bread on top. We place it in the sandwich maker for three to five minutes until it is golden brown. These are so delicious and the kids love them. You could add more ingredients if you want too.


We also make brownies in our sandwich maker. Sounds weird doesn’t it? It is a very quick and easy way to make brownies and my kids make the brownies on their own. We just mix the brownies according to the box. Then we grease the sandwich maker with Pam and pour some brownie mix in each slot of the sandwich maker. I haven’t timed it to see how long it takes to cook so I’m guessing about 6 – 8 minutes. You’ll know when they are done. If you’re not sure, use the tooth pick method.


We make cupcakes the same way that we make brownies. We mix the cake according to the box. Then we spray the maker with Pam and pour our cake in the slots. Then when they are done, we take them out, let them cool, and then we ice them. My kids make these on their own too.


Have you ever thought of making pancakes in the sandwich maker? This is a quick and easy way to make pancakes. This is how I made pancakes before I learned how to make them in the frying pan. But the kids make their pancakes in the maker. Just mix the batter, grease the maker, and pour the pancake mix in the slots. It doesn’t take long to cook. I’d say about five minutes. If you have them real thick, you may want to let them sit in there a few extra minutes.

There are so many things that you can use your sandwich maker for. These are just some of the things that we do with our maker. We also make liver pudding sandwiches and muffins. If you have any questions, please feel free to email me at

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